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Importing and exporting waste is a daily occurrence. In 2023, a total of approx. 2,500 WSR permits were supplied. Due to the continuous change of legislation and regulations, this number continues to rise. But do I need an WSR permit? Can I import and export this? What are the different regulations I need to comply with? There are many different rules in the world of transporting waste over land borders. That's why it is very important to check in advance which procedure needs to be complied with. Before a permit has been granted, a long procedure, involving a lot of time and energy, takes place in advance. Because of the knowledge Evoavergunningen.nl has about regulations in various countries, we can easily draw up the complete permit application for you. Evoavergunningen.nl has a lot of experience with different waste products and has a lot of contact with the authorities. We will keep you informed of your WSR permits and contact you in good time when a permit is about to expire or needs to be extended for other reasons. With this personal method we ensure that you do not need to worry, we will take care of it.


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WSR Information

What is WSR?

WSR stands for Waste Shipment Regulation (Europese Verordening Overbrenging Afvalstoffen, EVOA in Dutch). This Regulation only applies to the import and export of waste within the European Community. If you wish to import/export waste materials, you must submit a notification of the intended waste shipments to the relevant authority of the country of origin. The government reviews the notification against the formal requirements of the WSR and the policy that has been laid down in the country of origin. The government takes a decision on this basis. The other authorities involved will receive the completely submitted notification request from the government of the country of origin, and these authorities will review the application again. When all the authorities involved have made a positive decision, the permit can be put into use. If you want to import and export waste outside the European Community, other procedures and regulations will be involved. It is therefore important to know with which different laws and regulations you will be dealing.

The WSR procedure

The import and export of waste products continues to rise, which also raises the number of questions surrounding WSR. Is this a waste product? Is this on the green or on the amber list? We are happy to help you find out all this information, so that we can make the application as complete as possible. Through direct contact with the notifier, processor and all authorities involved, there is a big chance of fewer requests from the government resulting in a faster positive decision for your application. What if your permit expires and the project has not yet been completed? Do not worry, Evoavergunningen.nl looks at the market and the time a procedure will take approximately. As a result, we will be able to tell you in advance to start the renewal procedure for your permit.

About us

Evoavergunningen.nl is an WSR specialized company. We concentrate on the laws and regulations in various countries regarding WSR. Thanks to our specialization, we can offer a helping hand to various companies by taking the long-term procedure off their hands. Evoavergunningen.nl was created because many companies could clearly use support regarding increasingly extensive laws and regulations. Outsourcing this to a specialized company saves a lot of time and energy. The WSR procedures often take months and there must be close contact with the authorities involved. As a result of our clear method of drafting the application files, fewer questions will be asked by the authorities involved, so that the handling time of the permit application will be minimized.


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